New products added – and questions about discontinued products

New products added – and questions about discontinued products

Hi All,

For regular visitors to the site, you may have noticed we had some downtime this week. Apologies for this. It was due to a server upgrade. But fear not; everything is now back to normal, and the site is running quicker than ever.

Also, there are some lovely new products for you, and even a newly-listed range; Blue Peony! Blue Peony only has three products at the moment, but we hope to add more in the coming weeks. Keep visiting us for the latest pieces for your collection.

We receive lots of queries regarding discontinued products, such as Jungle Frogs, Elephants and others. Such pieces have been discontinued, and are no longer being produced by the Old Tupton Ware manufacturers. This means you will struggle to get hold of them. Occasionally we do find old stock and list the pieces on here, but generally, if you can’t find the piece you’re looking for on this website, chances are it has been discontinued. The best advice we can give in that case is to check this site at least once per fortnight for the latest Old Tupton Ware items.

Thanks for continuing to visit the site!

– OTW Admin


  1. Andrew Bellamy

    We have the mantle clock with the red poppy on it however the clock is broken and I am looking for a replacement to fit.
    Can you please advise on price and if you sell them

  2. Allison Bogle

    I am from Australia and trying to contact you to check on a particular figurine. Could you please give me your phone number as I would like to contact you.


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